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Our Literacy Whizzes of the Week





Our Writers Of The Week Ending 9th, 16th & 23rd March


Reception - Tom Richardson - for choosing to write a story on his own

Bella Prendergast - for concentrating during write away

Freya Turner & Preston Riggs - for choosing to push themselves and extend their writing




Year 1 - Tsepo Mkwanazi - for picking out key words during a reading comprehension

Samuel Onipede - for putting in an amazing effort during the reading assessment

Ollie Tucker - for trying incredibly hard during Read Write Inc sessions




Year 2 - Betsy Hewitt - for using resources around her to improve her handwriting

Scarlett Herft - for using resources around her to improve her writing

Louie Shorter - for really concentrating in writing lessons




Year 3 - Madison Elves - for a wonderful advert for a friend

Lily Deen - for performing really well on her reading comprehension test

Jessica Fair - for a detailed description of a house




Year 4 - Blake Bowen - for using interesting vocabulary in a character description

Albie Jones - for  excellent reasons why a pink uniform is a good idea

Blake Bowen - for trying hard to record his brilliant ideas




Year 5 - Aidan Mears - for making a real effort to improve his handwriting

Jack Holbrook - for being thorough when punctuating direct speech

Kirby Judd - for correctly choosing the right homophone when writing




Year 6 - Leon Hook - for a thoughtful and original formal letter

Casey Hutton - for descriptive writing around the world book date task

Lenny Mears - for a persuasive and well edited letter