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Our Literacy Whizzes

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​  Our Literacy Whizzes for

21st & 28th September




William Marshall - for sounding out words to label his drawings




Year 1


Bella Prendergast - for writing a descriptive "wanted" poster for the wolf

Vincent Evans - for a fantastic reading comprehension on Little Red Riding Hood




Year 2


A'va Bailey - for showing an excellent attitude towards her written work

Osker West - for accurately using commas in lists



Year 3


Erinn Frisby - for lovely sentences using good vocabulary

Connor Kuski - for trying really hard in his phonics lessons





Year 4


Lucy Turner - for having a great understanding of adjectives

Layla Belcher - for identifying where paragraphs should be used



Year 5 


Ewan Collins - for making an excellent improvement on word choices

Demi Bewley - for a fantastic story building up full of suspense



Year 6


Charlie Devon - for writing a half time speech worthy of Alex Ferguson

Shauna Sparks - for writing a spooky and chilling story opening