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Our Literacy Whizzes

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​  Our Literacy Whizzes for 12th, 19th & 26th November




Milena Furculita - For a great effort when forming letters.

Luella Woodroof - For an excellent effort learning her sounds.

Tommy Ashdown - For an effort to improve his namewriting.




Year 1


Samuel Armstrong - For writing a great beginning to his Polar Express story.

Reece Connor - For a great understanding of nouns and adjectives.

Annabelle Stafford - For an excellent character description of the Conductor from the Polar Express.



Year 2


Archie Fraser - For using the correct punctuation throughout an extended piece of writing.

Polly Golding - For making huge progress in her writing over the past few weeks.

Mimi Deen - For writing a fantastic setting description.




Year 3


Betsy Hewitt - For a diary entry with lots of description and details

Poppy Jones Horvath - For excellent use of similes in her writing.

Kellan Hart - For working hard to use full stops accurately.




Year 4


Amber Clark - For writing a detailed character description.

Lyla Aldred - For writing clear, concise instructions

Harry Blackburn - For trying hard to improve his spelling.




Year 5 


Buster Wells - For always using fantastic vocabulary that makes sense.

Tiana Brydges - For a descriptive and emotive diary entry.

Aimee O'Brien - For a very informative balanced argument.




Year 6


James - For using emotive language effectively.

Jayden - For a detailed and descriptive information text.

Rebecca - For an action-packed narrative.