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Our Maths Whizzes of the week

Maths Whizzes for Week Ending 10th & 13th October



Year 1 - Michael Wiley - for fantastic subtraction work

Finlay Reid - for working hard to learn how to subtract using a number line




Year 2 - Reisha Patel - for her speed and accuracy with number facts

Samuel Marshall - for always working hard in maths




Year 3 - Jessica Fair - for always trying her hardest in her maths lessons

Harry Cornell - for massively improving his effort in his maths work



Year 4 - Coleby Jonas - for a brilliant effort to learn times table facts

Jenna Daniel - for excellent understanding of the short division method




Year 5 - Matthew Germon - for solving calculations using cubic numbers

Emile Gerval - for finding common factors of numbers




Year 6 - Georgie Ralph - for persevering with her work when coming up against various challenges