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Our Maths Whizzes of the week

Maths Whizzes for Week Ending 9th, 16th & 23rd March


Reception - Albie Whitt - for working hard on addition

Richie Bewley - for excellent addition using a number line

Jacob Spicer - for working hard when recognising money




Year 1 - Calesi Grove - for great effort when working with dienes

Rufus Otter - for putting in an amazing effort during the maths assessment

Archie Fraser - for an excellent understanding of fractions (1/2 and 1/4)




Year 2 - Kellan Hart - for challenging himself in maths

Bobby Armstrong - for checking calculations for errors

Erinn Frisby - for fantastic work involving addition




Year 3 - Evie Curtis - for working hard to complete all maths work within the lesson

Freya Bromick - for trying hard to improve her basic maths skills

Ruby Reid - for trying hard when learning to tell the time




Year 4 - Tyler Bowling - for a great understanding of co-ordinates

Coleby Jonas - for a responsible attitude towards his maths

Isabel Wiley - for working hard on telling the time




Year 5 - Naomi Sewell - for choosing to spend wet play trying to find a solution to a problem

Charlie Devonport - for an impressive score on his latest maths assessment

Teddy Brown - for great accuracy when reflecting shapes in diagonal mirror lines




Year 6 - Casey Hutton - for excellent co-ordinates

Lilley Bailey - for perseverance when solving problems with shapes

Olivia Robertson-Kell - for consistent effort in every lesson