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Our Maths Whizzes of the week

Maths Whizzes for Week Ending 23rd June and 30th June


Reception  - Polly Golding - for making some super 3d shape models

Rufus Otter - for always trying a variety of different maths activities




Year 1 - Leo Hanmore - for continuously working hard in all his maths lessons

Reisha Patel - for working hard on her times tables all week




Year 2 - Jack Cottrell - for making a block graph with cubes

Isobel Smith - for solving calculations with regrouping




Year 3 - Ewan Collins - for trying hard to accurately read scales

Luca Bowyer - for accurately measuring amounts of length




Year 4 - Lilly-Mae Davies - for always being eager to challenge herself

Teddy Brown - for trying really hard to solve missing number problems




Year 5 - Olivia Robertson-Kell - for showing great understanding of reflection and translation

Amelia Holt - for working well with decimals and reading scales




Year 6 - Ayden Perez - for accurately collecting and interpreting data

Scarlett Koster - for solving problems including measurement and length