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Our Maths Whizzes of the week

Maths Whizzes for Week Ending 19th & 26th January



Reception - Amelie Bliss - for her hard work on one less than

George Jones - for persevering with work he found challenging




Year 1 - Max Reid - for fantastic understanding of dienes

Tsepo Mkwanazi - for trying hard and not giving up when partitioning numbers




Year 2 - Reisha Patel - for adding and successfully regrouping

Isla Southgate - for giving up her lunch times to do extra maths




Year 3 - Jude McLaughlin - for working hard to solve problems using fractions

George Waker - for solving hard to convert measures




Year 4 - Alisa Mukoro - for a superb und3erstanding of rounding

Blake Bowen - for using resources to help him be independent




Year 5 - Lily Kuski - for persevering and achieving her targets

Gracee Denning - for ordering fractions, decimals and percentages




Year 6 - Harry Patient - for a superb effort  in maths lesson

Maya Bowyer - for impressive attitude in all aspects