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Our Maths Whizzes

Maths Whizzes for 11th March & 18th March




Jorgie Fraser - For a fantastic effort at subtraction using number lines.

Luella Woodroof - For working hard during precision training learning numbers to 10.




Year 1


Harry Caisey - For putting in a superb effort into all of his Maths lessons.

Tom Richardson - For a great understanding of halves and quarters.




Year 2


Zuzanna Szceblewska - For an excellent effort on her Maths test.

Bethany Cole - For finding fractions of numbers.




Year 3


Scarlett Herft - For an excellent effort in her recent Maths test.

Rosie Hall - For working hard to accurately solve money-related problems.




Year 4


Harry Blackburn - For having a great attitude towards his Maths test.

Layla Belcher - For successfully identifying acute, obtuse and right angles.




Year 5


Stanley Jones - For excellent use of mental Maths skills.

Isabel Wiley - For superb understanding of reflecting and translating shapes.





Year 6


Teddy Brown

Graciee Denning - For applying the use of ratio and proportion to problem solving.