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Our Maths Whizzes

Maths Whizzes for 12th, 19th & 26th November




Emily Beaney - For good recognition of teen numbers.

Phoebe Watt - For a great understanding of repeating patterns.

Fern Gibson - For using the correct vocabulary when ordering things by height.




Year 1


Benjamin Brown - For giving an in-depth answer to a challenging Maths problem.

Jasmine Rothery - For a great understanding of measuring.

George Jones - For a brilliant effort answering tricky word problems relating to length.




Year 2


Max Reid - For independently using arrays to solve multiplication questions.

Nathali Iancu - For solving mixed multiplication and division word problems.

Michael Wiley - For constructing detailed pictograms




Year 3


Connor Kuski - For trying hard to complete problem solving tasks.

Codey Dick - For excellent skill building 3D shape models.

Dylan Rigby - For converting measures of mass accurately.




Year 4


Regan Pritchard - For identifying and classifying triangles.

Isobel Smith - For drawing an accurate line graph.

Georgie Clark - For working hard when converting measures.




Year 5


Thomas Webster - For great knowledge of estimating angles

Ewan Collins - For great use of mental maths when finding perimeter.

Jack Rigby - For excellent perseverance when learning about area.





Year 6


Charlie Devonport


Jennifer Stanley