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Our Maths Whizzes

Maths Whizzes for 28th January & 4th February




Amie Skipp - For a good effort using a number line for addition.

Grace Saich - For working hard when learning how to tell the time.




Year 1


Albie Whitt - For putting in an amazing effort into all of his Maths lessons.

Summer Emerson - For fantastic understanding of measuring weight.




Year 2


Max Reid - For regrouping when subtracting.

Luke Twin - For always challenging himself in Maths lessons.




Year 3


Tom Gibbins - For persevering when learning about angles.

Cayden Wylie - For good use of the bus stop method.




Year 4


Ruby Reid - For comparing decimals successfully.

Milo Donn - For finding fractions of amounts.




Year 5


Isla Blackwood - For working hard to understand square numbers.

Arjun Singh - For always challening himself and working hard to give thorough explanations.





Year 6


Lily Kuski 

Gracee Denning