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Our Maths Whizzes

Maths Whizzes for 21st - 28th September




Sophia Walsh - for great recognition of numicon




Year 1

Preston Riggs - for creating an accurate number line

Harry Caisey - for always having a positive attitude when tackling tricky maths questions





Year 2

Luke Twin - for using dienes blocks to make 2 digit numbers

Joshua Howchen-Vines - for accurately completing addition calculations using written methods




Year 3

Zak Hassell - for trying hard to work independently in maths

Olivia Hutton - for working really hard to complete her maths work



Year 4

Luca Cis - for using the written method accurately when subtracting

Teddy Tomlinson - for persevering when multiplying 3 numbers together





Year 5

Joshua Smith - for excellent mental maths skills

Aimee O'Brien for working hard to improve her times table knowledge





Year 6

Sammy Beck - for working systematically