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Achieving School Aims and Values

Amazing Achievements





Beauie Atkins - For fantastic number formation within maths.

Jacob Durrant - For a great attitude to learning.

Joshua Binning - For including his friends in group games.

Evelyn Salmon - For persevering to improve her phonics knowledge.

Oliver Rothery - For fantastic number sequencing to 24.

Alma Andre Prince - For being a great role model for her fellow class mates.

Tommee Davies - For being a great friend and sharing toys.

Bonni Crudgington - For using her name card independently to write her name.


Year 1


Scarlett Hyde – For taking pride in her work.

George Smith - For enthusiastically sharing his science knowledge.

Thomas Durrant - For creating a lovely animal collage.

Ronnie Shea - For always being ready and willing to learn. 

Paisley Judd - For fantastic effort and focus.

Denny Atkins - For being helpful, particularly in computing.

Elizabeth Payne - For being a responsible member of the class.

Thomas Durrant - For using art materials in interesting ways with care.

Freddie Christopher - For an excellent attitude in his reading.

Alexander Spicer - For fantastic effort and focus in all areas.

Naisha Patel - For excellent sharing and turn taking.

Avleen Batth - For being more confident to ask for help when she needs it.




Year 2


Jorgie-Rose Fraser - For always giving her best effort to finish every piece of work.

Arber Beqiraj - For an excellent grasp of subtracting double digit numbers.

Grace Saich - For always having lovely manners. 

Tommy Ashdown - For persevering and applying himself when correcting his maths work.

Arthur Hewitt - For applying himself in every lesson and striving to be his best. 

Pheonix Daft - For using some lovely adjectives when writing expanded noun phrases. 

George Harwood - For a good understanding of how to keep healthy.

Amy Parfitt - For always being ready to listen and learn.

Luella Woodroof - For a fantastic effort in lessons. 

Heidi Maskell - For being such as positive role model for other members of the class. 

Lottie Anderson - For always offering to help adults or other children.

Amelia May Watson - For using her plan to help her write a fantastic character description. 




Year 3


Jacob Spicer - For excellent contributions in all lessons.

Johnny Georgiou-Gray - For always trying his best when completing his work.

Benjamin Brown - For being kind and encouraging others to play with him.

Maggie Swanson - For being eager to begin her learning each lesson.

Oliver Stanley - For great work accurately identifying tenses in his English work.

Thomas O'Flanagan - For working hard to listen and stay focussed in lessons.

Jasmine Rothery - For being kind and tidying the library up.

Johnny Georgiou-Gray - For always being prepared to start his learning.

Devon Dick - For showing great enthusiasm when creating his own prank.

Preston Riggs - For working incredibly hard on the challenges in maths lessons.

Albie Whitt - For his positive attitude.

Ritchie Bewley - For using the wall to support his ideas / spelling.

Tom Richardson - For writing a clear set of instructions.

Benjamin Brown - For his confidence in sharing ideas.

Annabelle Stafford - For always speaking politely to others.

Blossom Wells - For using a hundred square to support her in maths.




Year 4


Isabella Brooks - For persevering during a tricky division lesson.

Amalia Hook - For an excellent newspaper article.

Georgie Hones - For coming up with games to play at break time. 

Aidan Huynh - For persevering during a problem solving lesson. 

Ruby Ashdown - For challenging herself in Spanish lessons.

Rufus Otter - For answering reasoning questions in detail.

Sonny Crookbain - For showing kindness to his partner.

Finlay Reid - For always being ready to start the next lesson.

Tsepo Mkwanazi - For demonstrating a good understanding of subtraction.

Elliot Salmon - For accurately making corrections to his maths work.

Polly Golding - For doing everything with a smile on her face.

Joshua Howchen-Vines - For always showing he is ready for the next challenge.

Nevaya Perez - For trying hard in all of her lessons.

Ollie Tucker - For challenging himself in reading lessons.

Eadie Saich - For speaking to everybody with respect.

Oskar West - For using the place value chart to help him in maths.




Year 5


Betsy Hewitt - For working hard to create a poem that includes rhyme.

Mason Riggs - For excellent effort to learn the different notes on recorder.

Alfie Skipp - For always working hard in PE to keep his body healthy.

Leo Laverty - For persevering when learning long multiplication.

Alfie Skipp - For good participation in class discussions.

Emily Hitchins - For a good understanding of relative clauses.

Thomas Gibbins - For always working hard and striving to do his best.

Samuel Marshall - For excellent knowledge and understanding of solar system theories.

Kellan Hart - For always striving to do his best.

Reisha Patel - For always striving to challenge herself in every subject.

Ben Pengelly - For excellent ideas to include in his setting description.

Abby Mason - For always taking pride in her work.

Codey Dick - For a very clear and detailed speech about the environment.

Bobby Armstrong - For using a thesaurus to choose ambitious vocabulary.

Connor Kuski - For being able to explain the patterns to identify multiples of numbers.

Codey Dick - For always sharing his ideas in every lesson.

Erinn Frisby - For an imaginative setting description.

Jake Foley - For answering questions independently in reading using the text to support.





Year 6


Harry Blackburn - For successfully interpreting remainders when dividing. 

Finlay Holt - For developing a more mature attitude towards his learning.

Amber Clark - For recognising when she needs genuine support in lessons.

Evie Curtis - For remaining resilient when tackling tricky maths challenges.

Harley Ainsworth - For producing a well presented map with a clear key.

Amber Clark - For making important corrections to her maths work.

Isobel Smith - For being conscientious towards every member of the class.

Taya-Leigh Brindley - For always being ready at the start of the each lesson.

Daniel Whitchurch - For persevering with a 6 digit grid references and now being able to use OS maps accurately.

Jude McLaughlin - For persevering with a 6 digit grid references and now being able to use OS maps accurately.

Mia Rose Whitt - For giving clear and precise mathematical explanations during reasoning activities.

Milo Donn - For being eager to move on to the next challenge during maths lessons.

Freya Bhomick - For excellent note taking during our science lessons.

Casey Clark - For displaying an excellent work ethic in all lessons.

Archie Bristow - For using Purple Mash to create a spelling game.

Jack Cottrell - For using musical notation to help him play a tune.

Harley Ainsworth - For using her knowledge of remainders in division to solve problems.

Madison Elves - For producing an informative brochure on healthy eating and the importance of exercise.

Harry Blackburn - For always being truthful in class.

Evie Curtis - For using the grammar display.