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Our Amazing Achievers

Amazing Achievements




Konrad Jarosz - For great perseverance when learning how to form letters.

Jude Magner - For having a happy and willing attitude towards learning.




Year 1


Emily Beaney - For an excellent effort during PE exploring different types of movement.

Heidi Maskell - For a fantastic character description of a friendly monster.

Casper Donn - For an excellent effort during a reading comprehension lesson.

Meila Brooks - For an excellent story map of 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt!'

Logan Cannon - For an excellent effort matching numbers and quantities.

Tommy Ashdown - For staying focused and working independently during a Maths task.




Year 2


Devon Dick - For handing his first piece of homework in and using good vocabulary in it.

Blossom Wells - For working independently and producing excellent expanded noun phrases.

Benjamin Brown - For always checking his work and completing class challenges at home.

Erin Scott - For challenging herself in Maths and making sure her work is Yr 2 standard.




Year 3


Amalia Hook - For accurate recall of the different musical instruments.

Luke Twin - For consistently good effort in his lessons this week.

Michael Wiley - For showing enthusiasm in his Spanish lesson this week.

Zuzanna Szczeblewska - For working hard to accurately use partitioning to add 3-digit numbers.

Polly Golding - For a wonderfully presented map using grid references.

Eadie-May Saich - For a well-designed healthy eating poster.




Year 4


Samuel Marshall - For using an atlas accurately during Geography lessons.

Bobby Armstrong - For challenging himself during Maths lessons.

Erinn Frisby - For excellent presentation in all her work.

Max Webb - For excellent ideas during English sessions.

Leo Samuels - For identifying pronouns in his work.

Abby Mason - For explaining her Science results using key vocabulary.




Year 5


Harry Blackburn - For his enthusiasm in Science

Jessica Fair - For consistently working hard in all lessons.

Daniel Whitcurch - For excellent effort and challenging himself in Maths.

Harley Ainsworth - For excellent presentation in all of her work.

Casey Clark - For working hard to find common factors in Maths.

Layla Belcher - For challenging herself to use ambitious vocabulary in English.





Year 6


Evie Foulger - For working methodically through all the possibilities during Maths lessons.

George Mason - For using historical sources of information to retrieve key facts.

Ewan Collins - For solving 2-step word problems independently.

Alisha Mukoro - For using an atlas accurately to identify and name European countries.

Albie Jones - For creating an informative historical map.

Isla Blackwood - For persevering with long multiplication.