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PSHE Curriculum

PSHE Curriculum 


Personal, Social,  Health and Economic education (PSHE) at Noak Bridge Primary school is an important and necessary part of children’s education. Our PSHE provision is based on three core pillars; wellbeing, health and relationships, and provides a framework which supports pupils to make ‘sound’ decisions, build resilience and develop appropriate responses. The Dot Com digital programme focuses on providing strategies to develop safe behaviours in an ever changing world.


Statutory elements of the Relationships and Health education:

  • families and people who care for me
  • caring relationships
  • respectful relationships
  • online relationships
  • being safe


Our PSHE curriculum builds on the statutory elements of the Relationships and Health education and covers:

  • mental wellbeing
  • internet safety and harms
  • physical health and fitness
  • healthy eating
  • drugs, alcohol and tobacco (taught within the Science curriculum)
  • health and prevention
  • basic first aid
  • changing adolescent body (taught within the Science curriculum Year 5)


We intend for our curriculum to be accessible to all children and they will be taught in a safe atmosphere where they can express their feelings and explore sensitive issues. Children will develop the skills to empathise with others and develop their own identity, values and beliefs and to further consolidate our school ethos and values.


We teach PSHE every term, this may be condensed into or covered in one half term, through discreet lessons using the Dot Com Digital programme which is an online tool and resource which helps give children the knowledge, skills and confidence to support them against current and emerging threats. Difficult scenarios are presented to the children using central characters which change as the children progress through the school. This allows children to explore, understand and discuss any potential risks which they could encounter in their lives. Resources and activities can be completed online or offline. Each time a child logs into their account they can complete a feelings capture log and this is stored in their eJournal which teachers also have access too. Additionally, pupils can request a moment (Dot minute) with their teacher to discuss a concern or worry.


* The online programme’s content meets statutory guidance for England with regards to RSE Framework (2020).


* The Dot minute does not supersede our safeguarding protocols.


We may further consolidate elements of the curriculum through assemblies and awareness days. We teach the ‘changing adolescent body’ (in Year 5) and drugs, alcohol and tobacco within our Science curriculum scheme of work.