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Welcome toNoak Bridge Primary SchoolExcellence, Growth, Achievement.


Welcome to Reception


Reception class have had a fantastic first half-term in school and now know the routines and rules of the school really well!


In Autumn 2 we will be looking at the over-arching theme of 'Space' and might even be visited by some out of this world characters. 

We will continue to apply our newly learned phonic skills into reading and writing so we become confident with the set 1 sounds, before moving onto the set 2 sounds.


Some key vocabulary:

Green words - these are real words children can sound out using their phonic knowledge.

Red words - these are real words that cannot be sounded out but have to be learned by sight (ie the, to, I, go etc)

Alien words - these are words that can be sounded out but are not real, so we say "what a load of nonsense!".

Fred in your head - sounding out inside you head so you just have the word to say (when blended). 


In Maths we are moving on to exploring the teen numbers - how to recognise them, count objects when there is more than 10, and order numerals to 20 . We are also going to continue looking at 2D and 3D shapes, and discussing the properties of the shapes we find.


Some key vocabulary:

2D shape - 2D or flat shapes are shapes we can't pick up - circles, triangles, rectangles, squares etc. They have corners and sides.

3D shape - 3D or solid shapes are shapes we can pick up - spheres, cubes, cuboids, pyramids, cylinders etc. They have faces (of 2D shapes), edges and vertices.


We also look forward to learning about several different festivals including Diwali and Christmas around the world and getting ready for our Christmas production.


I thank you for your continued support at home with your children's learning.


Miss Tanton