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Achieving School Aims and Values

Amazing Achievements






Arthur Smith - For a great effort this last week in coming into school in the mornings on time ready for the day.

Lennon Levitt - For great enthusiasm with learning our nativity songs.

Millie Morris (kind) - For always showing kindness to others.

George Stephens - For his enthusiasm constructing boats in our creative area.

Ollie Minall - For making a fantastic animal book.

Summer Dallison (honest) - For always telling the truth and telling adults if something gets broken or damaged.

Eva Batth - For practising writing letters and words independently.

Piper Collins - For impressing with her fantastic knowledge about different materials. 

George Stephens (healthy) - For understanding that it is important to drink lots of water during the day.

Charlie Probert - For joining in with class discussions and learning a lot about Diwali.

Phoebe Twin - For her amazing hula hooping.

Finley Magner (creative) - For joining in more with art activities in class and creating fantastic collage, printing and sculpture!




Year 1


Lola Greenway - For always being ready to learn and working hard.

Scott White - For completing more learning tasks and participating during cooking.

Beauie Atkins (creative) - For using the paint program within Purple Mash with control and having a unique / creative design.

Scott White - For showing resilience when completing his table tasks.

Hazel Hill - For always being enthusiastic in our learning. 

Mason DeCanha (respectful) - For ensuring that his table area is always kept tidy.

Jessie Hones - For independently using her mathematical knowledge in a lesson on number bonds.

Leo Troop - For working hard in phonics, trying his best when sounding out an unfamiliar word.

Ndudim Nnochiri (positive) - For always coming into school with a positive attitude.

Theo Bailey - For understanding greater than and less than in Maths.

Erin Fuller - For participating in classroom discussions. Erin has enjoyed sharing her ideas.

Amelie Jones (kind) - For always saying kind things about others.

Chase Wells - For working hard with Miss Walker and painting a fantastic picture.

Beauie Atkins - For being confident enough to solve subtraction equations on a number line independently!

Archie Barnes (honest) - For being honest and asking for help when he found something tricky.

Bobbi Bewley - For working hard in our Maths lessons on subtraction.

Teddy Whiteman - For impressing me with his reading this week!

Noah Said (healthy) - For trying different fruits in snack time.

Alex Salmon - For a great description of the changes that happen in Autumn.

Tommee Davies - For a great effort in Maths using addition to create a number bond.

Cleo Langham (effective communicator) - For giving a clear explanation of what an adjective is.

Amelia Mayell - For great use of rhyming words when writing a poem.

Jacob Durrant - For a great understanding of number bonds to 10.

Alma Andre-Prince (respectful) - For always being polite and respectful to others.

Elijah Armstrong - For showing a great understanding of using the part / whole method in Maths.

Bonni Crudgington - For a great story sequence of the Gingerbread Man.

Nancy Day (positive) - For her positive attitude and fantastic effort in all lessons.

Joshua Binning - For excellent work within English and writing rhyming sentences.

Evelyn Salmon (kind) - For always being kind to everyone and always willing to help others.

Kiara Hudson - For putting a lot of effort and care into her artwork and creating a wonderful picture using the 'pointillism' style / technique.

Oliver Rothery - For using interesting vocabulary when writing sentences about Autumn. 

Mia Fleming (honest) - For asking for help when she needs it and developing the confidence to show her learning by fixing errors.

Evelyn Salmon - For always being ready to learn, kind and helpful.

Olivia Hamm - For being a fantastic role model in class, she is our 'mini teacher'.

Elijah Armstrong (healthy) - For having an active lifestyle, he is always at the skate park!

Cleo Langham - For a fantastic attitude on her return to school and showing she is ready to learn.

Alex Salmon - For excellent effort within English lessons and independently writing clear sentences.

Bobbi Bewley (creative) - For an excellent self-portrait and colourful collage.





Year 2


Isabella Fraser - For showing a great understanding using column method in Maths.

Juno Stokes - For learning all her lines in the Nativity and delivering them in role.

Erin Bowen (effective communicator) - For creating a comical character in our Nativity.

Isabelle Fraser - For adding expression and character into our nativity practice.

Emily Jones - For persevering until she understood how to use the column method to add.

Jessie Greenway (respectful) - For using good manners in the classroom.

Layla O'Brien - For always trying her best and persevering, even if she finds a task difficult.

Elizabeth Payne - For challenging herself to have a part in the Nativity, even though she finds it a bit scary!

Daisy Brown (positive) - For having a  smile for everyone she sees.

Poppy Morris - For applying methods taught when solving Maths problems.

Taylor Smith - For being an enthusiastic and keen learner, regularly contributing to our lessons.

Naisha Patel & Avleen Batth (kind) - For teaching and sharing about Diwali with the class.

Will Richardson - For sharing his stick insects with the class and teaching us how to care for them.

Ronnie Shea - For being curious and asking questions to extend his learning.

Avleen Batth (creative) - For creating a lovely snowflake print.

Konrad Jarosz - For persevering through areas in Maths he found a little tricky.

Alexander Spicer - For being the last remaining 'bunny' in our PE game and avoiding capture by using space well.

George Smith (effective communicator) - For always clearly and concisely explaining his understanding.

Scarlett Hyde - For putting an amazing amount of effort into her homework each week.

Paisley Judd - For a good understanding of tens and ones in a place value chart.

Naisha Patel (respectful) - For always being polite and kind to everyone she encounters. 

Sophia Booth - For a great understanding of exchanging in place value.

Edward Cole - For an accurate and exciting description of Paddington.

Scarlett Hyde (positive) - For always being willing to give things a go.

Joey Healy - For using original and exciting adjectives when writing.

Jude Magner - For regularly contributing his ideas to all lessons.

Juno Stokes (kind) - For helping out around the classroom without being asked.

Peter Daft - For taking such care during handwriting practise.

Denny Atkins - For ALWAYS being ready to learn.

Willow Worboyes (honest) - For being willing to ask for help when she needs it.

Lenny Harris - For great explanations of good choices and bad choices in our PSHE lessons.

Erin Bowen - For fantastic effort during our Maths lessons.

Ela Milbank (healthy) - For willingly trying a new healthy snack.




Year 3


Jorgie Fraser - For working exceptionally hard in Maths by mastering multiplication using the column technique.

Casper Donn - For his contribution in both English and History by showing a clear interest in WW2.

Lottie Anderson (Honest) For asking for ehlp when she needs it whilst continuing to have a positive attitude towards her work.

Pheonix Daft - For accurately reading a text and answering questions about it.

Sanaya Ahmed - For accurately editing her work.

Jorgie-Rose Fraser (creative) - For going home and making her own PowerPoint.

Jorgie Fraser - For providing in-depth answers to her challenge questions.

Heidi Maskell - For working hard to correct errors in her work.

Luella Woodroof (effective communicator) - For asking for support when she needs it.

Leni Crookbain - For a great improvement in her play script writing.

Lottie Anderson - For always trying her best when completing her work.

Sanaya Ahmed (respectful) - For always having a polite attitude towards others.

Tommy Ashdown - For working hard to accurately round to the nearest 10.

Connie-Rose Okamback - For taking the lead when carrying out a science investigation.

Sophia Walsh (positive) - For always having a positive attitude towards her learning.

Amelia-May Watson - For a fantastic effort to improve her handwriting. 

Teddy Day - For working hard to contribute more in his lessons.

Pheonix Daft - For always behaving in a kind manner towards her classmates.

Emily Beaney - For a great start to her map of the local area.

Jamie Langham - For working well in PE to lead his group in their dance routine. 

Casper Donn (honest) - For admitting when he found something challenging.

Leo Crudgington - For having an excellent attitude towards his learning.

Arthur Hewitt - For working consistently hard in his maths lessons.

Leni Crookbain (healthy) - For staying active outside of school.

Casper Donn - For an excellent cinquain poem that told a story.

Joey Probert - For working hard to accurately replicate PE skills.

Milena Furculita (creative) - For a clear poster displaying vertebrate and invertebrates. 

William Marshall - For asking questions to deepen his understanding.

Amie Skipp - For good suggestions within her science lesson.

Louie Jiggins (effective communicator) - For asking for help when he needs it.

Grace Saich - For good modelling of the different techniques in her PE lessons.

Paula Sestakauskaite - For an excellent plan of a story.

Heidi Maskell (respectful) - For her polite attitude towards others.

Fern Gibson - For a great start to her retelling of Iron Man.

Milena Furculita - For a great improvement in effort towards completing her work.

Logan Cannon (positive) - For always coming to school with a smile on his face.

Luella Woodroof - For working hard to complete her map accurately.

George Harwood - For great contributions in all lessons.

Jorgie-Rose Fraser (kind) - For always being kind and courteous towards other children.

Amy Parfitt - For wonderful expression when reading aloud.

Phoebe Watt - For great determination when completing her Maths work.

Mollie Curtis (honest) - For asking for help when she needs it.




Year 4


Freya Turner - For working hard to improve her writing. 

George Jones - For completing extra handwriting in his own time.

Vincent Evans - For trying to have a healthy snack.

Sammy Armstrong - For a great improvement in his handwriting.

Devon Dick - For always working hard during Maths lessons.

Maggie Swanson (effective communicator) - For leading her partner well to create a dance routine. 

Caoimhe Odewale - For sharing some wonderful ideas during our writing lessons.

Jacob Spicer - For showing a good understanding of multiplication.

Erin Scott (respectful) - For always being considerate of others' feelings. 

Harry Caisey - For working hard to improve his handwriting.

Amelia Cohen - For showing a good understanding of converting measures.

George Jones (positive) - For having a positive attitude towards his learning.

Maggie Swanson - For working hard during Maths lessons.

Amelie Bliss - For asking insightful questions during history lessons.

Tom Richardson (honest) - For being honest when needing of school.

Bo Aldred - For explaining to her partner how to solve a Maths problem.

Ritchie Bewley - For working hard to create a limerick for National Poetry Day.

Vincent Evans (healthy) - For being able to explain healthy and unhealthy habits.

Tonka Tomic Jurisic - For effectively scanning the text in reading lessons.

Daniel Tinworth - For asking insightful questions during History lessons.

Preston Riggs (creative) - For coming up with some creative ideas for Roman artefacts. 

Blossom Wells - For trying her hardest in every lesson.

Jasmine Rothery - For writing a wonderful persuasive advert.

Freya Turner (effective communicator) - For explaining grammatical terms clearly.

Erin Scott - For successfully identifying parts of the Roman Empire.

Annabelle Stafford - For working hard during Maths lessons.

Johnny Georgiou Gray - For speaking to everyone with respect.

Luella Woodroof - For working hard to complete her map accurately.

George Harwood - For great contributions in all lessons.

Jorgie-Rose Fraser (kind) - For always being kind and courteous towards other children.

Thomas O'Flanagan - For producing a beautiful piece of Geography work.

Albie Whitt - For trying his best in every lesson.

Joey Blackburn (kind) - For helping his partner with their Maths work.




Year 5


Oskar West - For showing confidence finding places using an atlas. 

Ruby Ashdown - For always being kind and helpful towards others.

Finley Daltrey (Honest) - For always being honest about when he needs help.

Amalia Hook - For always having a positive attitude to learning in all lessons.

Bethany Cole -For great independence and understanding of how to use an atlas.

Samantha Boakye (healthy) - For always putting 100% effort into PE lessons in order to stay healthy.

Rufus Otter - For great enthusiasm and understanding in our Science lessons on forces.

Ava De Canha - For always taking an active part in all lessons.

Casey-Mae Heard (creative) - For producing a very creative story.

Mimi Deen - For showing increased confidence in all subjects.

Max Reid - For fantastic effort and enthusiasm in his speaking and listening task.

Aidan Huynh (respectful) - For always being polite and respectful to others.

Rufus Otter - For excellent understanding of factors and multiples in Maths.

Sonny Crookbain - For thoughtful contributions to class discussion. 

Polly Golding (positive) - For her positive attitude and fantastic effort.

Michael Wiley - For a clear explanation of what we can learn from historical sources.

Georgie Hones - For always persevering with a task even when it is challenging.

Max Reid-Rothwell - For always being kind and willing to help others.

Finlay Reid - For a fantastic explanation and understanding of historical vocabulary in our sources lesson.

Kieron Mogotsi - For great use of similes when writing his free verse poem.

Casey-Mae Heard (honest) - For always telling the truth.

Henry Maskell - For creating an incredibly intricate design for a Mayan mask. 

Ollie Tucker - For using good tactics in a game of dodgeball.

Archie Fraser (healthy) - For having a healthy lifestyle and trying new activities (golf lessons) 

Zuzanna Szczeblewska - For thoughtful contributions about historical artefacts in History.

Nathalie Iancu - For writing an excellent newspaper about a break in at Gringotts.

Michael Wiley (creative) - For brainstorming creative questions about Mayan artwork.

Nathalie Iancu - For working hard to edit and improve her writing. 

Tsepo Mkwanazi - For creating beautiful water colour washes.

Joshua Howchen-Vines - For clearly explaining mathematical thinking ad reasoning. 

Eadie-Mae Saich - For writing fantastic sentences using a range of figurative language.

Elliot Salmon - For always trying his best and excellent contributions to class discussions.

Amalia Hook (respectful) - For always being respectful to others and a fantastic role model.

Finlay Reid - For excellent knowledge and recall of key knowledge in History.

Joshua Howchen-Vines - For writing a fantastic poem about words in the dictionary.

Ava De Canha (positive) - For her positive attitude and fantastic effort in all lessons.




Year 6


Max Webb - For returning to school with an exemplary attitude towards his learning.

Lacey Stoten - For growing in confidence in all lessons and making important contributions.

Josh Twin - For a vast improvement to his attitude to his learning.

Kellan Hart - For a great effort during the tests this week.

Leo Laverty (honest) - For recognising when he needs support in lessons

Jake Foley - For participating well in lessons and completing a significant amount of work.

Jasmine Taylor - For excellent work when adding mixed numbers.

Zak Hassell (healthy) - For being extremely active both in and outside of school.

Dylan Rigby - For becoming more focused and producing higher quality work.

Zak Hassell - For contributing well during our history lesson about Winston Churchill.

Lacey Stoten (effective communicator) - For leading her dance group in PE well to produce and great routine. 

Mason Riggs - For an improved attitude towards his learning.

Tom Gibbins - For pushing himself in maths lessons.

Louie Shorter (kind) - For always offering support to teammates during PE lessons. 

Cayden Wylie - For great effort when writing a setting description.

Betsy Hewitt - For displaying excellent determination in all lessons.

Alfie Skipp (honest) - For recognising when he finds something difficult and for persevering with it. 

Max Webb - For congratulating children in the class for making it on to the dodgeball team even though he was not selected himself.

Bobby Armstrong - For congratulating children in the class for making it on to the dodgeball team even though he was not selected himself.

Alfie Skipp (healthy) - For having a good understanding of the benefits of exercise on the human body.

Zak Hassell - For working quickly and accurately during Maths lessons.

Max Webb - For showing an excellent attitude to learning in all lessons.

Olivia Hutton (creative) - For creative ideas when planning a balanced argument.

Betsy Hewitt - For excellent use of cohesive devices to help her writing flow.

Jasmine Taylor - For growing in confidence during Maths lesson and working independently. 

Cayden Wylie (effective communicator) - For working well as part of a team during PE lessons.

Codey Dick - For displaying great enthusiasm during our UK rivers lesson.

Leo Laverty - For demonstrating excellent resilience in Maths lessons.

Emily Hitchens (respectful) - For showing respect to all members of the class and being a great role model to others.