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Achieving School Aims and Values

Amazing Achievements






Cleo Langham - For writing a fantastic set of instructions on how to make a jam sandwich.

Leo Troop - For his enthusiasm and brilliant contribution during lessons.

Kiara Hudson (Respectful) - For excellent manners by always using please and thank you.

Elijah Armstrong (Resilience) - For persevering with his writing during a tricky write away task.

Mason De Canha - For using problem solving skills when building a habitat for a wild animal.

Erin Fuller - For enthusiasm and contribution of ideas in every lesson.

Dea Beqiraj (kind) - For helping her friend and showing them how to use the phonics sound mat.

Alma Andre-Prince (readiness) - For using her sound mat independently to build a sentence. 

Amelia Mayell - For a great effort using her sound mat to construct a word.

Teddy Whiteman - For persevering with his cursive handwriting.

Joshua Binning (healthy) - For trying out new fruit and vegetables at snack time.

Nancy Day (readiness) - For always being the first one ready to start activities.




Year 1


Elizabeth Payne - For her fantastic pencil self portrait.

Ela Milbank - For great progress with her reading and wanting to challenge herself to read more challenging books.

Lenny Harris (healthy) - For sharing strategies with the class to help us feel happy and calm.

Taylor Smith (responsibility) - For always being ready and willing to take on extra responsibilities in the classroom.

Emily Jones - For enthusiasm and contributions to our history lessons.

Jimmy Watts - For fantastic effort and improvement with his reading and writing.

Erin Bowen (kind) - For speaking to others in a kind and respectful way.

Edward Cole (readiness) - For always organising himself quickly and being ready to learn.

Edward Cole - For excellent story writing in English.

Naisha Patel - For excellent contributions to class discussions in all subjects.

Sophia Booth (positive) - For her positive attitude to all activities.

Daisy Brown (resourcefulness)  - For using the displays and resources in her pack to support her writing.




Year 2


Emily Beaney - For great effort in Maths to improve her independence.

Milena Furculita - For a great improvement in her spelling tests. 

Jamie Langham (honest) - For being willing to ask for help when he needs us. 

Phoebe Watt (responsibility) - For looking after our classroom without being asked.

Lottie Anderson - for enthusiasm in lessons.

Mollie Curtis - For a fantastic improvement in her independent Maths work.

Tommy Ashdown (creative) - For detailed and precise drawings.

Fern Gibson (Resilient) - For being so independent with her diabetes and never letting it hold her back.

Leni Crookbain - For participating regularly in all our lessons.

Amy Parfitt - For making a conscious effort to try and increase her speed when working.

Pheonix Daft (effective communicator) - For always trying to remember key vocabulary and meanings.

Heidi Maskell (resourcefulness) - For using methods taught in Maths to help her become more independent.

Amelia-May Watson - For showing great imagination and detail in story writing. 

Sanaya Ahmed - For a fantastic imaginative story.

Leo Crudgington (respectful) - For always using beautiful manners when speaking to others.

Amie Skipp (readiness) - For using the learning walls in the classroom to help her in her lessons.

Joey Probert - For joining in with all lessons and sharing his ideas.

Daisy Martin - For returning to school this term with a vigour to learn to learn and putting in 100% effort to all lessons.

Logan Cannon (kind) - For always having nice things to say about other people.

Jorgie-Rose Fraser (readiness) - For being ready to start every lesson.




Year 3


Ritchie Bewley - For working hard to accurately solve perimeter questions.

Sammy Armstrong - For an excellent setting description.

Erin Scott (kind) - For always having a kind manner towards others.

Oliver Stanley (responsibility) - For practising a lot on Times Table Rockstars.

Joey Blackburn - For excellent enthusiasm in his PE lessons.

Tonka Tomic Jurisic - For always working hard in her Maths lessons.

Blossom Wells (healthy) - For trying the school dinners at lunchtime.

Oliver Stanley (resilient) - For never giving up even when he finds something challenging.

Devon Dick - For an improved attitude towards his learning.

Sammy Armstrong - For accurately using column multiplication.

Vincent Evans (creative) - For a well-designed Anglo-Saxon village.

Jacob Spicer (resourcefulness) - For using key vocabulary from the board in his work.

Preston Riggs - For an excellent Anglo-Saxon timeline.

Annabelle Stafford - For a detailed set of instructions.

Ritchie Bewley (respectful) - For always speaking politely.

Amelie Bliss (readiness) - For always being prepared to begin her learning.

Daniel Tinworth - For contributing his ideas to every lesson.

Albie Whitt - For independently writing part of his play script.

Freya Turner (respectful) - For being respectful and holding the door for others.

Erin Scott (readiness) - For coming back after Easter ready to resume her learning.




Year 4


Georgie Hones - For working hard on her DT project.

Kieron Mogotsi - For working hard on his 2 times tables.

Tsepo Mkwanazi (positive) - For always having a smile on his face.

Nathalie Iancu (responsibility) - For collecting break time equipment.

Eadie-May Saich - For comparing a tribal lifestyle to her own successfully.

Samantha Boakye - For showing a positive attitude towards her learning.

Finley Daltrey (honest) - For being honest about when he needs help.

Michael Wiley (resilience) - For showing resilience towards his times tables.

Elliot Salmon - For working hard when completing his independent writing.

Max Reid - For working hard to improve his times tables.

Joshua Howchen-Vines (respectful) - For showing respect when playing football.

Nathalie Iancu (readiness) - For always showing she is ready to start the next lesson.

Kieron Mogotsi - For working hard to improve his times tables.

Ruby Ashdown - For showing enthusiasm to after school clubs.

Rufus Otter (effective communicator) - For clearly explaining key Maths vocabulary.

Michael Wiley (readiness) - For showing he is ready to start the lesson.




Year 5


Erinn Frisby - For perfect pronunciation in Spanish lessons. 

Tom Gibbins - For always putting 100% into rounders games.

Olivia Hutton (respectful) - For always listening and respecting her partner's ideas.

Alfie Skipp (responsible) - For always doing classroom jobs responsibly.

Zak Hassell - For working hard to DAB when answering reasoning questions in Maths.

Betsy Hewitt - For plays the new riffs we learnt in music incredibly well.

Josh Twin (honest) - For being honest about when he needs help.

Poppy Jones (resourceful) - For using word mats to help her meet her next step in writing lessons.

Reisha Patel (kind) - For always being willing to lend a hand and help her peers.

Scarlett Herft (resilience) - For talking about her emotions when feeling worried.

Jake Foley - For coming up with some excellent adjectives for a tea party.

Dylan Rigby - For improving his reading fluency and expression.

Isla Southgate (healthy) - For deciding to have a healthy packed lunch for 2 weeks.

Erinn Frisby (resourcefulness) - For using a thesaurus to 'up level' vocabulary.

Louie Shorter - For showing greater confidence and a positive attitude towards his learning.

Codey Dick - For his fantastic attitude and always challenging himself in each subject.

Rosie Hall (creative) - For showing creativity creating a times tables rhyme.

Olivia Hutton (readiness) - For always being ready to learn and for helping others in the class.

Jake Foley - For asking lots of thoughtful questions about our History topic.

Scarlett Herft - For working hard to find lots of possibilities for our Roman numeral investigation. 

Poppy Jones (effective communicator) - For clearly explaining her Maths ideas.

Tom Gibbins (readiness) - For always being ready to start the lesson and listen.




Year 6


Regan Pritchard - For being a pro-active member of the class and leading discussions in class.

Grace Hamm - For producing a well-written balanced argument using suitable cohesive adverbials.

Evie Curtis (healthy) - For actively attending all before and after-school clubs each week.

Isobel Smith (readiness) - For always being ready for the next task.

Freya Bhomick - For producing an excellent piece of narrative writing including dialogue.

Rocco Wayne - For coming back to school confident and easy to challenge himself in all lessons.

Luca Cis (creative) - For creating an effective fielding tactic during PE lessons.

Ruby Reid (readiness) - For always listening to instructions and have the necessary equipment ready at the start of each task.