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Essex Cross-Country Finals


On Wednesday 27th April, Reisha represented the school at the Essex Cross-Country Finals. Reisha qualified for the event as she finished in the top 3 at the district competition before Easter. At the county finals, she was up against some of the best runners, in her age group, from around Essex and performed excellently, finishing 37th out of a field of well over 100. We all incredibly proud of Reisha's achievement. Well done!

Budding Author!


Joshua in Year 5 entered a competition in the Essex Life Magazine - to write a story about Spring.  He was a finalist and has won a special afternoon tea! This is an amazing achievement - well done Joshua.

His story is below, for you to enjoy.

The mauve coloured Lavender was gently swaying as the gentle breeze stroked at the wild flowers. WHOOSH! The lengthy grass yielded to the graceful paws of an enchanting rabbit that was rapidly prowling like a cheetah under attack. 

Searching for safety, the bunny sluggishly made his way through the olive-green grass. As it did so, the wind slapped onto the ground, causing the greenery to considerably flatten. The rabbit, with its magenta pink nose, suddenly came to a halt and tilted his head to survey the environment around him. His chalky fur stood on end. Beady eyes glared at him from the other end of the lush foliage. At that moment, the creature that possessed eyes of steel raced at the innocent bunny. The rabbit quietly shrieked and darted through the park’s grass, accelerating past all of the flowers. They parted like the red sea as he collided with them. Scrambling to get away from the creature’s grasp, the rabbit turned his head around and saw 2 bulging eyes staring at its prey and a charcoal black nose in the shape of a cone.  


The elusive rabbit turned a 180 degree turn and then something struck him. However, not physically but mentally. It was an escape plan! He was confronted by a particularly tall shrub that had wiry, spiky branches. A miniscule hole, just big enough for the bunny to crouch into, was placed at the bottom of the bush. If he could scrape through the hole with time on his side, he should be able to outrun the fox that currently stood licking his lips. The fox knew that cooked rabbit was particularly rich. Not noticing the towering vegetation above him, the fox followed every footstep his prey took. Between the space of the two animals and the huge bush, the greenery seemed to get thicker and much taller. This meant it was harder for the fox to stay on track of the rabbit’s movement. Then, the moment of truth... 

IT WORKED! The bunny had time on his side and he just managed to fit through the small hole in the bush. Whether the fox would be able to catch up with the rabbit was not something to think about because the rabbit had a huge head start if this was the case. Luckily, he knew where he was. He was in The Spring Vegetable Patch! This was a huge area of land that was utilised in Spring for vegetables to grow. 

The baby rabbit stood on his hind legs and crouched through a small arch that was made of mud, dirt and grass. The rabbit was struggling. He was clutching so many kilograms of vegetables that it was hard for him to stand up, let alone walk. He saw two semi circles behind another arch that led from the entrance to a spacious, dim cavity. A larger rabbit approached the other bunny. He had managed to find his way back to the burrow.  

Wishing all our families a very Happy Easter!

Who Can Help Us in the Community?


In EYFS and Year 1, as part of PSHE, the children have been learning about the emergency services and their role in keeping us safe. We were lucky enough to have been visited by some parents who have spoken with the children about their jobs in the community. Thank you to Mr Gibson and Mrs Gibson and Miss Loumousioti. 

Religious Education (RE) in Year 4


The children have been learning about Hinduism and cyclic patterns in nature and had the opportunity to make their own natural patterns.

Fantastic job Year 4! 

For more pictures, follow link below:

Year 1 Local Area Field Trip


On Thursday 10th March, Year 1 went on their first school trip within Noak Bridge village. We were using street maps to identify local features using symbols for geography and we were looking for signs of spring for Science. The weather was glorious and we saw many signs of Spring, including frogs and frogspawn, at our village pond! 

For more pictures, follow the link below:


Frogs and frogspawn in the village pond.

Still image for this video


Thursday 3rd March 2022


Once again, everyone has made a fantastic effort with their World Book Day costumes! blush

Throughout the day children have been listening to authors, watching artists show how they draw characters for books, created their own book marks or front cover for a book, writing about their favourite books or characters and reading with children in different year groups - to name a few!!

The children came in excited to see their friends and teachers and have had a great day.


More pictures can be found in the 'gallery' - use the link below.



Noak Bridge Kurling Team


On Tuesday 1st March 2022, 4 children from Year 6 represented Noak Bridge at an Essex kurling tournament. The team played really well, they all had some great shots and used some clever tactics! The team came 6th out of 13 teams - a great achievement!

Most importantly, the team congratulated winning opponents, they said 'good game' or 'well done' when they won and communicated well as a team - demonstrating 'Noak Bridge Values' smiley 

On Shrove Tuesday, Year 1 wrote the instructions to make pancakes and then had the opportunity to cook and eat their own!

They were yummy.

Year 6 practicing ordering and paying for ice cream in Spanish

Still image for this video

The sporting week was concluded on Friday afternoon when the Year 5/6 football team travelled to Great Berry for the first 9-a-side league match of the season. The first half was a struggle for the team and it was clear that the opposition had more recent experience of 9-a-side football, having played two of their league fixtures already. Being 5-0 down at half time, the aim of the second half was to be far more competitive and the team certainly did that: only one goal was conceded throughout the entire second half and the team managed to create some great chances to score themselves. Overall, there are lots of positives to take from the match and the team can look forward to their next match against Lee Chapel on Monday 7th March. 

Noak Bridge also had a mixed boys and girls team attend another West Ham Foundation tournament on Thursday. Despite being in a very tough group, the team performed brilliantly, winning one, drawing one and losing one. Like the girls team, the mixed squad also came third in their group. 

On Tuesday, the girls team represented Noak Bridge at a local football tournament run by the West Ham Foundation at Billericay Town FC's stadium, New Lodge. The girls played well throughout the tournament and even managed to win one match 9-0. Overall, the girls came 3rd in their group and can be really proud of their performances throughout the day. 

Online Safety Awareness Session for Parents, Grandparents, Carers & Guardians



Thursday 24th February


Delivered virtually via Zoom


Juno Year 2 - News report about the Great Fire of London.

Still image for this video

Radion project update


Local artist Shaun Badham, regularly updates Noak Bridge on the progress of the artwork for the new cinema in Basildon, which we contributed to and children will be able to see their leaf rubbings (frottage) in their local town!


Message from Shaun:

'I just wanted to send over what will hopefully be one final update before the final screen is completed.

I recently received new images from the fabricator who has started producing the full size panels, which you can see in the images attached, the quality and colour is looking really good, which is good news, so hopefully students will be able to find their leaves easily enough. Though to help with this, we will still be making a map so each school knows where there leaves are roughly located.

The current timeline is that the final screen will be complete by mid April, which I will of course let you know about.'


To find out more about the Radion project please see our 'Artsmark Journey' page on the website, link below:


Our Artsmark Journey | Noak Bridge Primary School (

Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 8th February 2022


The theme this year was ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’.

Pupils took part in the Safer Internet Day assembly, had discussions around our ‘SMART with a ❤️‘ rules and completed some cross-curricular learning to explore internet safety and behaviour online.

'Multi Schools Council' Ambassadors!!!


Following Kierran's visit to our school, two children (Jake and Amelia) were chosen to be ambassadors for the Multi Schools Council!

This is amazing news and we wish Jake and Amelia all the very best on their new and exciting journey supporting the 'Multi Schools Council' to educate others.

Jake on ADHD

ADHD Awareness


On Wednesday 19th January, Kierran from 'Multi Schools Council' came to Noak Bridge to talk about, raise awareness and understanding of ADHD. Kierran led a whole school assembly, with some classes joining via Zoom, and led workshops with every class in the school. The teachers also had a training session after school. Kierran spoke with some children - video above!



Pheonix, Year 3, practising to ‘touch type’.

Still image for this video

Jorgie, Year 3, practising to ‘touch type’.

Still image for this video

William, Year 3, practising to ‘touch type’.

Still image for this video

Well done Noak Bridge Choir!

Spanish Curriculum


Children in Key Stage 2 learn Spanish as part of our curriculum, here are some children practising their Spanish dialogue - great work!

Year 6

Still image for this video

Year 5

Still image for this video

Year 4

Still image for this video

Year 3

Still image for this video

Frost Angels!


During the chilly weather this week, Year 1 seized the opportunity to make frost angels!  smiley

Year 6 applied the art skills they have been learning this term: showing perspective, using a range of watercolour techniques, and atmospheric perspective to their Christmas cards.

Year 3 - Science, Magnets and Christmas!

Still image for this video

Year 3 - Science, Magnets and Christmas!

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School choir perform at the Eastgate Centre 


On Wednesday 15th December 2021 the school choir performed a medley of Christmas songs at the Eastgate Centre to raise money for our local hopsice. The choir have practised throughout the second half of the autumn term to prepare for the performance which went really well and even brought a tear to Miss Waterman's eye! The participating schools raised £168.73 for St Lukes Hospice - great job everyone!

School choir

Still image for this video

School choir

Still image for this video

Vincent in year 4 built these amazing, Christmas inspired Lego creations (built 'freestyle' without any instructions) and plans to submit his ideas to 'Lego Ideas' in the hope that his design could become a Lego set - good luck Vincent!

On Friday 10th December we had our Christmas jumper day and Christmas dinner - everyone was excited and had an enjoyable lunch singing along to our favourite Christmas songs 🎄

Year 2 enjoying Christmas dinner with a song 😊

Still image for this video

On Thursday 9th December our Rock Steady bands performed to their families - great job everyone! 
To watch the performances follow this link:

Rock Steady Concert December 2021



Children in Need 


On Friday the 19th November 2021, we held a non-uniform day to raise money for Children in Need.


Year 6 have decorated the Noak Bridge Christmas tree - great job everyone! 😊🎄

Author Visit - Grant Strong

To help promote a love of reading and writing, we arranged to have a real-life author visit our school and talk about what it’s like to write and publish books!

Grant Strong visited us on Monday 15th November and gave an illuminating assembly on what it is like to be an author. Grant spoke about his inspiration for story writing and shared lots of amusing stories with the children. Pupils had the opportunity to meet him and purchase his books, ensuring they received a signed, personalised copy!

Our KS2 classes were then fortunate to have a planning session in their classrooms with Grant. He talked about the importance of planning a story and the different aspects involved. The children then each had a turn at planning their own stories!

The children thoroughly enjoyed their time with Grant and it was very beneficial for them to talk to someone who has been so successful.

District team success!


We are delighted that Louie (year 6) has been selected to represent the Basildon district team for the current season. Over 200 children originally attended the trials and Louie has done brilliantly to make the squad. We wish him all the best for the upcoming season and look forward to seeing how he gets on! Well done, Louie! 

The week beginning 15th November we joined schools across the country to promote 'Anti-Bullying Week' with the theme 'One Kind Word'.

On Monday we wore Odd Socks as an opportunity for children to express themselves and celebrate their uniqueness. We can spread kindness by celebrating what makes us all unique.

In our RPSHE lessons this week we defined bullying, discussed what we should do if we see bullying, or you are being bullied, who can help us, what makes a good friend and how we can be kind. 

We had a virtual whole school assembly to get us thinking about how we can start the 'ripple of kindness'.

What will you do today to be kind?

                                              Remembrance Day 2021 

           Lest We Forget      


Remembrance honours those who serve to defend our democratic freedoms and way of life.

We unite across faiths, cultures and backgrounds to remember the service and sacrifice of the Armed Forces community from Britain and the Commonwealth. We will remember them.

  • We remember the sacrifice of the Armed Forces community from Britain and the Commonwealth.
  • We pay tribute to the special contribution of families and of the emergency services.
  • We acknowledge innocent civilians who have lost their lives in conflict and acts of terrorism.


The week beginning 8th November our assemblies focused on teaching the children about Remembrance Day, why we wear poppies, we shared the famous poem 'In Flanders Fields' by John  McCrae, the last post and memorials. On Remembrance Day at 11am we held a 2 minute silence and took time to reflect, remember and commemorate those who have fought and died in war. 

Year 6 Residential Trip to Bawdsey Manor


From Wednesday 3rd - Friday 5th November our Year 6's attended their residential trip to Bawdsey Manor - PGL.

The children took part in rifle shooting, archery, aeroball, Jacob's ladder, trapeze, giant swing, abseiling, ambush, assault course, sensory trail and orienteering.

To see our many photos please follow the link below:

Bawdsey Manor Year 6 residential November 2021 | Noak Bridge Primary School ( 



On Thursday 4th November 2021 some of our families celebrated Diwali and shared gifts with their classes - this was so kind!

The word Diwali means 'rows of lighted lamps'.

Diwali is known as the 'festival of lights' because houses, shops and public places are decorated with small oil lamps called 'diyas'.


In our EYFS class they made 'Diya' lamps using salt dough.


Multi Academy Trust (MAT) STEMATHON event at Noak Bridge


On Friday 15th October, children from Lower Key Stage 2 across the three multi-academy schools (Noak Bridge, Great Berry and Janet Duke) came together for a STEMATHON. It was a chance for children to test their thinking, team work, scientific and engineering skills by competing in various STEM challenges. Children from all three schools participated magnificently by supporting each other as well as building on the ideas shared by other to improve their own creations - just like real scientists. Great fun was had by children and staff alike, with one year 3 child saying that it was 'the best day ever'. 


Olympic BMX freestyle bronze medallist, Declan Brooks, visited 'Rom Skatepark' in Hornchurch during the summer holidays to talk about his career, training regime and love of skateparks. 


Harry, in year 4, (our very own BMX superstar) met and had a photo taken with Declan, he signed Harry's BMX helmet, gave him some gloves, and BMX grips. He also said "Harry can ride this skatepark well, and if he can ride there, he can ride anywhere!"


We hope to see you in future Olympics Harry - keep up your hard work and practise!

Welcome back to school everyone! Let's make it a great year.

Spanish Weather Report

Still image for this video
Joshua in Year 4 wrote his own weather report in Spanish accompanied by a weather map he also created on his laptop!


Still image for this video

Year 6 Leavers 2021


On Tuesday 20th July 2021 it was an emotional final day at Noak Bridge Primary for our lovely year 6 class.

They were surprised with a BMX experience in the morning and had their leaver’s assembly in the afternoon, watched by their families, to share memories of their time at Noak Bridge and how they have grown over the years. We wish them all the very best for the future!

All photographs can be found in the gallery, link below:

Year 6 Leavers BMX event | Noak Bridge Primary School (

Lockdown Leavers 2021

Drumming Workshop Friday 9th July 2021


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Year 1’s Teddy Bears Picnic

Update from CSSE regarding 11+

Are you entitled to Free School Meals?

Aidan in Year 4 created this fantastic ‘Stop Motion’ animation within his computing lessons. Well done!

Still image for this video

A GCSE Music student has volunteered to teach drumming 1:1 with some pupils in Year 4. The children have really enjoyed the lessons and made excellent progress!

1:1 Drumming Lessons with Year 4

Healthy Eating Week

Science Week 24th -28th May 2021


We had an amazing week at Noak Bridge for Science Week - learning all about dinosaurs. 


Each class conducted various different science activities, including designing their own dinosaurs and learning about the famous paleontologist Mary Anning. 


We were also so lucky to have a visit from Jam the T-Rex and his owners at Teach Rex where we learnt more about dinosaurs, their features and habitats as well as having a go at creating our very own green screen dinosaur movie! 


In the words of Amelia-May, Year 2 - "It was the best day ever!!". 


Here are some snippets from the things we got up to...


To see all photos, please look in the gallery: Science Week | Noak Bridge Primary School ( 



This week, beginning 14th June, Year 6 have started 'Bikeability'.

Bikeability is today’s cycle training programme. It’s about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s roads.

This is an essential life skill for now and in the future.

Y6 Virtual Dance Festival May 2021

On Tuesday 25th May 2021 some of our talented Year 6 dancers took part in the CPRSSP virtual dance festival and performed this dance to other local schools.
I am sure you will all agree, they were brilliant!

More photos from 'Pyjamarama' can be found within the 'Gallery' laugh

Pyjamarama | Noak Bridge Primary School (

Meet Buddy

The children meet Buddy, a friendly, green speech bubble who believes that children should be able to speak out to someone if they're worried or unhappy.

w/b 17th May 2021

NSPCC’s Speak out. Stay safe. online programme


We are pleased to tell you that this week we will be participating in the NSPCC’s Speak out. Stay safe. online programme. This consists of an online assembly and supporting classroom based activities. Speak out. Stay safe. is a safeguarding programme available to all primary schools in the UK and Channel Islands. It aims to help children understand abuse in all its forms and to recognise the signs of abuse in a child friendly, interactive way. Children are taught to speak out if they are worried, either to a trusted adult or Childline.


The NSPCC have developed an online version of their Speak out. Stay safe. programme to help overcome some of the challenges that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has presented in relation to having external speakers in school. In the online assembly, the Speak out. Stay safe. messages continue to be delivered in a fun and interactive way with the help of their mascot Buddy as well as special guest appearances from Ant and Dec.


We have studied the content of the materials and are extremely confident that they are appropriate for primary-school-aged children. By the end of the programme, we’re convinced children will feel empowered – knowing how they can speak out and stay safe.


If you would like to know more about the Speak out. Stay safe. programme you can find information on the NSPCC website or I would be happy to discuss any questions that you may have.


Adapted assembly for home use

The NSPCC has also developed an adapted version of their assembly for parents/carers to use at home with their children. This can be found here: Watch our Speak out Stay safe assembly at home | NSPCC. With the help of celebrities, the film focuses on how a child can get support if they have any worries or concerns


To complement the assembly, there are some resources that can be used to enable further discussion whilst doing activities with your children.  These are hosted on the NSPCC website  


Talking PANTS with your children

‘Talk PANTS’ is a simple way for parents to help keep children safe from sexual abuse – without using scary words or even mentioning sex. The guide uses the rules of PANTS to teach children that their body belongs to them and them alone. You can find out more and download the free resources at


Childline Under 12’s Website

Childline also have a website with age appropriate advice for primary school children on topics such as bullying. It also has games and other interactive tools.Your child can visit it at

If you’d like to know more about the NSPCC’s work, or take a look at the wide range of information and advice which is available for parents and carers, please visit their website

Hearing Awareness Week 3rd - 9th May 2021


Prefects led an assembly around Hearing Awareness which helped us to think about different types of communication, how we can be aware of hearing loss and how we can remove barriers to communication.


Top Tips for Communication:

  • Make sure you have the person's attention before you start speaking.
  • Stand or sit in a place with good lighting, so that you can be lip-read.
  • Try to find a quiet place to communicate with little background noise as this can be distracting.
  • use your usual voice level. 
  • Speak clearly and steadily.
  • Use a variety of ways to communicate: British Sign Language, writing, body language, texting etc.
  • Look, smile, chat.


Below is the PowerPoint shared with the whole school.



17th March 2021



 We are pleased to announce that we have continued to meet the criteria, and therefore, maintain our Healthy School Status! 

Well done everyone smiley

A special thanks to Miss Caddell for her hard work in submitting our application.


11th March 2021

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved the Essex Virtual School Attachment Awareness Bronze Award!


An attachment aware school is one where the whole staff: have a good understanding of the impact of significant relational traumas and losses upon pupils, have attachment principles firmly embedded within their policies and use an attachment framework to understand behaviours. 

Over the past year we have raised awareness and developed our approach to supporting mental health and well-being including the introduction of the 'Zones of Regulation' and 'Emotion Coaching'. We now hope to embed our child centred approach and continue to support the children's emotional well-being.

World Book Day 2021 


On Thursday 4th March 2021, Noak Bridge Primary School celebrated World Book Day. Despite this year's circumstances being a little different than usual, many children enjoyed the opportunity to dress up as their favourite book character and took part in lots of book-themed activities as part of their remote learning for the day. Please see our photo gallery for some of the great costumes we witnessed on the day as well as some fantastic examples of work the pupils produced.

Photographs can be seen within the gallery section of our website (link below)

World Book Day | Noak Bridge Primary School (



smiley Max is Supporting the Little Princess Trust smiley

Update 24th February 2021




I have been growing my hair since July 2020 because one of my friends sisters had Leukaemia and needed the help of the charity Little Princess Trust. They make wigs for people to use, when they lose their hair because of cancer treatment. I wanted to help a little girl or boy to have a wig by using my hair. My hair is now 8 inches long, so I will get it cut when the barbers open and send my hair to Little Princess Trust and it will be made into a wig. I’m also raising money for them by getting sponsors, I have raised £365 so far.

This is amazing Max - everyone at Noak Bridge Primary School is so proud!



Essex Local Offer - virtual ‘Pin Board’


The SEND Navigators and many Parent Support Groups across the county, are coming together weekly during the pandemic, on the Virtual Parent Support Group Drop-in sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to improve communication and access to Education, Health and Social Care colleagues.

The drop-in will provide a weekly opportunity for representatives from Parent Support groups from across Essex to share the lived experiences, questions and issues that are being raised by the parents they represent.

The purpose of the virtual ‘Pin Board’ is to post services and resources to assist with some of the issues and common themes raised each week.

Tuesday 9th February 2021 is Safer Internet Day and with children needing to access the internet more often it is more important than ever to ensure this can be done safely.

Safer Internet Day is a global campaign to promote the safe and responsible use of technology, which calls on young people, parents, carers, teachers, social workers, law enforcement, companies and policymakers to join together in helping to create a better internet.

Using the internet safely and positively is a key message that we promote in school and celebrating Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity for us to re-emphasise the online safety messages we deliver throughout the year.

smiley  MINDFUL MONDAYS laugh


For the next few weeks, to give everybody a break at the weekends, instead of setting homework based on English and Maths, on a Friday, teachers will talk to the children about ‘Mindfulness Monday’ tasks which the children could complete over the weekend if they wish.

Work that is completed may be shared with the school community by being added to the ‘Remote Learning’ section of the website.


There will still be activities that your children can do if you wish, but there is no expectation from school that this is completed as homework.


This slight change in our provision will hopefully give you some time to spend on other activities you may feel that you don’t have time to do, like going for a walk, baking together, playing games or just simply reading together.



A warning message from our Community Safety and Engagement Officer


29th January 2021



Local artist Shaun wanted to get back in touch, to let us know they  have scanned all of our pupils' leaves. He said 'I really love the textures, colour and paper choices your students made. We are currently finalising the current nature side design, rather than allocating each school a panel, we are going to dedicate certain trees and bushes to each school, these seemed a bit more organic and less formal than a panel. We will supply the school with a map, identifying which ones are your students.' 

It is so exciting to be part of this project and to see our art work becoming a permanent feature of the new cinema in Basildon town centre! Can you find your leaf?




Competition winner!!


5th January 2021 Some great news to start the new year! Before Christmas Year 5 were asked to design a picture to be used under the new advisory 20’s plenty signs which will be placed near our school.

Rosie is the winner with the following design - Well done Rosie!






Lest We Forget


To commemorate Remembrance Day, all of the children in the school created a poppy, which have been put together to create the silhouette of a single soldier. 

We would like to say a huge thank you to the PFA for providing all of the children in the school with a 'goodie bag' to eat while they watched the virtual pantomimes. So kind smiley

We hope you enjoy our Christmas carols!

Year 6.mp4

Still image for this video

Year 5.mp4

Still image for this video

Year 4.mp4

Still image for this video

Year 3.mp4

Still image for this video

Year 2.mp4

Still image for this video

Year 1 z.mp4

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Its Fern's 2 year Diaversary, 2 years since her Type 1 diagnosis. We took a family photo to thank people via Facebook for the £425 raised following my post about Fern on World Diabetes Day and to celebrate how well Fern does. We also thanked everyone involved in her support which included everyone at school especially Miss Tanton and Mrs Scanlon. We said how we try our best to manage Fern's diabetes and make sure it never holds her back.  We also make sure diabetes doesn't control us as a family we do our best to control it.

Thank you very much for all you do.



Writing through the arts 


On Thursday 19th November Year 3 used drama and performance to help write a persuasive letter to Mrs Patient, with ideas of how they could improve the school. The children took it in turns to record their 'response' as if they were Mrs Patient. The children thoroughly enjoyed the activity and watching themselves back 'on the big screen!'.

More pictures are available in our 'Gallery' page.


Radion Project 


Shaun and Phillipa, local artists, are working to create a new public art sculpture on the side of the new cinema in Basildon Town Centre. They aim to involve different generations, age groups, and local schools within the project. This week, the week beginning 16th November, Noak Bridge Primary School have created leaf rubbings (frottage) to be included in the mural, every child has created a leaf image.

The art workshop activity included: 


  • an introduction to the new cinema and what a lenticular screen is.
  • Identifying why nature in the borough is important and what we can do to look after it and what role public art can play in this.
  • Working with lots of schools – idea of collaboration, working as a group.
  • The design of the mural so far and how your students leaf will be the key feature.
  • Art History – David Hockney vs Vincent Van Gogh
  • What is frottage and how to do it – Demo.
  • Identifying leaves with leaf identification card.



To see more images, please view our 'Gallery' and 'Our Artsmark Journey' pages.

Andy and the Odd Socks - Unique (Official Video)

Andy and the Odd Socks - Unique (Official Video) Pre-order our new album Who's in the Odd Socks? here: Follow on Spotify...

You Will Be Found - #CheerUpCharlie & West End Friends

A charity fundraising single for National Anti-Bullying Week 2020. All proceeds in aid of The Diana Award. To donate, visit:

What is diabetes? | Diabetes UK

3.8 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes in the UK, but a lot of people still don't know what diabetes is. For more information about diabetes go...

World Diabetes Day 14th November 2020


At our school we have children who have Type 1 Diabetes and to support World Diabetes Day we will be discussing diabetes within our assemblies this week. 

This year we are lucky enough to have one of our families sharing how they have started using 'Dexcom' to help manage diabetes.

We think you are very brave Fern - thank you!


If you would like to support research into type 1 diabetes, to improve lives, please donate through JDRF:

Fern talking about Diabetes

Other videos of Fern talking discussing Diabetes are in our 'Gallery' > 'Events 20-21' > Diabetes Awareness Assembly


Thank you to everyone who gave a voluntary donation to Children in Need on Friday 13th November 2020. In these difficult and challenging times your generosity is very much appreciated and we raised an amazing total of £152.80! Well Done everyone.

A great achievement on 'World Kindness Day' too!

More photographs available within our gallery.

Reminder: Non - Pupil day on Monday 2nd November 

Last year, November 2019, we raised the fantastic amount of £83.51 for the Poppy Appeal! Poppies are on sale again this year, please give your donation to your class teacher as poppies are kept in class. Thank you in advance.

We supported 'Give Racism the Red Card' on Friday 16th October. The children dressed in red and learnt about race, racism, equality and to celebrate difference. More photographs can be found within our gallery.


It’s that time of year again where it’s getting darker earlier, with darker mornings and the clocks going back soon.


We are sending the links below which contain useful Road Safety resources reminding pupils why it is important that everyone dresses brightly when out and about.

Josh Year 4 made an excellent model of an Iron Age settlement, great work!!

The Children's Mental Health Awareness Day was a great success! (see all photographs within the gallery of the 'children's' section)

Everyone made a real effort to wear an item of yellow, to think about and to talk about how we can stay mentally healthy.

Here are some strategies the children came up with: 


  • Release e.g. cry, squeeze pillow, stress ball
  • Get a enough sleep
  • Speak to someone you trust
  • Exercise
  • Smile
  • Be kind to each other
  • Have time alone
  • Write things down and then rip it up
  • Worry box at school
  • Keep occupied - reading, drawing, knitting
  • Get some fresh air - walking, looking at the sky
  • Spending time with people and our pets


For further support with mental health please look at the pages on our website within the 'Key Information' section.

Good Care in School Award | Congratulations | Diabetes UK

On Friday 16th October 2020 we would like everyone to wear red to support the 'Show Racism the Red Card' campaign.

Show Racism the Red Card 2018 Educational Film trailer

Come together for #HelloYellow 2020!

On Friday 9th October 2020 we would like everyone to wear yellow to raise awareness and promote good mental health and well-being for children. Looking after our well-being has never been more important so children will discuss and complete activities to explore ways of supporting their mental health and well-being.

Also on the 15th September 2020, we received the fantastic news that we have achieved the 'Good Diabetes Care in School Award'!! This award shows that our school takes the care and inclusion of children with medical conditions such as diabetes seriously, and that we are delivering good practice care as recognised by Diabetes UK. A special thanks goes to Mrs Scanlon, our 'appointed person' and Mrs Barrett for their hard work to improve our practice and complete the application. We would also like to thank our parents for the nomination and who supported our application.

15th September 2020 We received the amazing news that we became a 'Music Mark School'!! We were nominated by the Essex Music Hub to The UK Association for Music Education for our commitment to providing high-quality music education, they recognised the value that we place on music and our dedication to offering and delivering a broad and balanced curriculum. We are so pleased and would like to thank Miss Fisher (Music Lead) in particular for her hard work to further improve our music provision.

For the week beginning 7th September 2020, Reisha in year 5 attended a trial at the Essex FA's Regional Talent Centre. After performing well she was offered a place, for this season, in the U11's elite programme. This is the highest level a girl can play at, at this age, which is a fantastic accomplishment - well done Reisha! Let's support our potential Lioness!

On Friday 11th September 2020 Year 2 discussed the 'Zones of Regulation' and the feelings we may experience in each 'zone'. Being able to identify and name feelings is the start of emotional self-understanding and emotional self-regulation.

September 10th 2020 - Joshua in year 4 has been involved in fund raising for St Luke's Hospice. He took part in a 26 mile marathon and raised £1016. The money raised is enough to help 32 people at the hospice. This is amazing news and a great start to the year! Well done Josh, everyone at Noak Bridge is very proud of your achievement and kind behaviour.