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DT Curriculum

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The DT curriculum at our school has been designed to ensure children are presented with many opportunities to build upon skills relating to designing, making and evaluating products. This includes those that they have designed and made, as well as those produced by others. These skills are developed to include the presentation of work in varying ways of design, the use of a wider variety of materials and more in-depth evaluation of products. In order to achieve a high standard of product building, the children will develop their technical knowledge of how mechanical and electrical systems can support their work and how computing is strongly linked to DT in the wider world. Across their time at school, these skills will continuously be developed so that children have a high level of confidence in them in preparation for secondary school.


The teaching of food technology is incorporated into our DT curriculum and includes the teaching of features related to having a healthy school. Children have opportunities to taste different foods, create their own dishes and follow recipes. They gain an understanding of what a healthy diet is and learn about where food originates from. As the children progress through their education, they will handle a greater variety of foods and equipment necessary to produce it.


Our DT lessons are linked, where possible, to the other subjects in the national curriculum which allows for great use of cross-curricular lessons. For example, a topic based around the Romans requires the children to design and build their own Roman chariot. These cross-curricular links provide a great deal of enjoyment for the children and results in greater enthusiasm in their learning.


DT is a subject that continuously relies on testing ideas and products and then adapting these where necessary in order to achieve a design criteria. Children are strongly advised that mistakes are just a learning curve and that there is always opportunity for improvement.


Our DT curriculum is taught through:


  • High quality teaching - staff have high expectations of all children.
  • The use of key vocabulary in all lessons.
  • Revisiting skills to allow for consolidation and mastery.
  • Imparting knowledge accurately and with enthusiasm which generates high levels of commitment from children.
  • Providing constructive feedback to children.


We also:


  • Display and celebrate the pupils’ DT work in their class, around the school, and on the school website.
  • Organise WOW events attended by pupils and their families.
  • Organise experts and outside visitors to lead workshops to inspire and motivate the children.