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Early Years Curriculum

Our EYFS curriculum aims to provide children with an engaging, exciting and empowering curriculum that aids them in becoming strong, resilient, independent learners. The curriculum is designed based on each cohort’s interests and builds upon children’s prior learning and provides first hand learning experiences while allowing children to work on those key ‘Prime areas’ and become creative thinkers.

Children are introduced to a range of topics through which early literacy and mathematics are taught, alongside key skills in all other aspects of the curriculum. These are flexible and adaptable dependent on the children’s interests and needs, with the purpose of ensuring high engagement from all learners. Children are taught vitals skills which help them to become independent learners who are able to problem solve, show their creativity in their work and be proud of what they achieve. At the heart of this lies the characteristics of effective learning.


Children are also able to lead their own learning, which adults can scaffold and progress, through engaging resources, questioning and encouragement to take risks.


Our EYFS curriculum is taught through:


  • High quality teaching - staff have high expectations of all children to set them up for the rest of their school life
  • Highly engaging, relevant, cross-curricular topics
  • Teaching is practical and playful, drawing on children’s ability to learn through play
  • Combination of adult led, child led and teacher taught sessions as well as a wealth of stimulation continuous provision opportunities
  • Teachers are expected to know each child as individuals so as to identify and work towards next steps in all areas of the EYFS curriculum
  • We expect teachers to regularly provide constructive feedback to children, teaching a ‘can do’ attitude and promoting a love for learning
  • We expect children to be challenged
  • We will display and celebrate the pupils’ work through displays and observations on the online learning journey – Tapestry
  • Teachers will work closely with parents and celebrate children’s successes at home through uploaded observations
  • Experts and outside visitors lead workshops and /or assemblies to inspire and motivate the